Wada anti-doping

2021codeis wada

Global Code in compliance with WADA Code - download

TAS decision on Russia - download

Rules applicable to Athletes delegated from Russia - download

Doping Control Procedure - version 2021 - download

World Anti-Doping Code - version 2021 - download

Therapeutic Use Exemptions - version 2021 - download

Prohibited List - version 2021 - download

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WPBF member of GAISF

The Global Association of International Sports Federations1 (GAISF), named General Assembly of International Sports Federations from 1967 ...

WPBF member of ARISF

The Association of International Sports Federations recognised by the IOC (ARISF) is the world authority for all international sports ...

WPBF succeeds CMSB

The World Petanque & Petanque Federation is the successor to the World Confederation of Boules Sports - details will be published later ...

Dissolution of the CMSB

The CMSB is dead and buried, (26 April 2020) with an official letter to the IOC and IWGA (International World Games Association) on 28 ...